Inhabitants of the Fourth World

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Sean Walsh

Amazing Grace
Anne Flaherty
Arnicus Wolfram Artemis
Beautiful Dreamer
Big Barda
Big Bear
Big Breeda
Black Racer
"Black Racer 2"
Bloody Mary
Bully Boy
Captain Hathak
Christine Little
Claudia Shane
Commander Tusk
Concord & Harmon
The Dark
Dave Lincoln
Deep Six (Gole, Pyron, Jaffar, Shaligo, Slig & Trok)
Devilance the Pursuer
Don Bergman
Don Bradford
Dr. Bedlam
Dr. Jinn
Ellis Ames
Eve Donner
Fancy Goodbody
Farley, Lynn and Richard Sheridan
Fiona Leeway
Flashy Funkman
Forager II
Glorious Godfrey
Granny Goodness
Harvey Lockman
Hydrik & Klepp
Infinity Man
Jingles Jericho
Joatt & Saraday
Kanto 13
Karn & Deeben
Kreetin, Auralie, Weldun & Zep
Lorraine Hampton
Madame Nature
Mad Harriet
Malice Vundabar
Mark Moonrider
"Marvelous" Marno
Master Mayhem
Maxwell Torch
Mister Miracle (Scott Free)
Mokkari & Simyan
Mother Herrae
Nameless One
Nurse Maggit
Plackk & Blistom
Prime One
Protector Willik
Randall Rodman
Ravok the Ravager
Rip Roar
Shilo Norman
Sister Sunlight
Speed Queen
Steel Hand
Ted Brown
Thaddeus Brown
Trainee X Trainee Z Turmoil
Tygar the Tearer
Tyrus the Tracker
Victor Lanza
Virman Vundabar
Wilson Gilmore
Yuga Khan
Information on the linked pages above collected from the New Gods Secret Files and Origins and Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (the comic and the deluxe edition series)
The quotes are collected from "The Gods Themselves" by Peter W. Dodds, which appeared in Amazing Heroes #47, May 15, 1984.
  • 3g4 (Aquaman #37)- parademon drone who somehow develops a self-awareness and questions his training - killed by Topkick for treachery
  • Aarden (New Gods vol.3 #5)- Primitive warrior
  • Agogg (New Gods vol.2 #23)- minion of Darkseid - destroyed by Darkseid's Omega beams when he failed to prevent Ellis Ames from killing himself (New Gods vol.2 #23)
  • Akarl (New Gods vol.2 #2)- childhood friend of Orion on New Genesis - killed during a bug raid on an agri-center (New Gods vol.2 #2)
  • Alba (Orion #3)- former bodyguard to Tigra - killed by Darkseid's troops (Orion #3)
  • Amazing Grace (Superman vol.2 #3)- member of Darkseid's Elite - Glorious Godfrey's sister
  • Anaxia (Superman/Aliens II #2)- citizen of New Genesis - killed by parademons, along with her husband Ixix (Superman/Aliens II #2)
  • Anne Flaherty (New Gods vol.2 #27)- human possessor of the anti-life equation - killed in car accident (New Gods vol.2 #27)
  • Anomalie (Spectre Vol.3 #19)- denizen of Apokolips who, with Hal Jordan/the Spectre, incurs the wrath of Darkseid and is banished from Apokolips into the disorder and chaos of Earth life
  • Antagonist (New Gods #19)- minion of Darkseid
  • Antinoos (Orion #10)- young god of New Genesis
  • Arnicus Wolfram (Orion #)- human who extends his life via Apokoliptian technologies by feeding off others' lifeforces - brought back in time and blown up by the first hydrogen bomb (Orion #24)
  • Artemis (Mister Miracle vol.2 #17)- Female Fury
  • Arzaz (Takion #4)- one of the Old Gods who somehow survived through time - imprisoned on the Source Wall
  • Astorr (JK4W #18)- original Infinity Man - died of old age, passing mantle of Infinity Man to Drax (JK4W #18)
  • Atinai (New Gods vol.3 #6)- New Genesis builder
  • Avia (New Gods #7)- wife of Izaya - murdered by Steppenwolf (New Gods #7)
  • Bane (New Gods #18)- minion of Darkseid
  • Beautiful Dreamer (Forever People #1)- member of the "Forever People"- romantically involved with Takion
  • Bekka (DC Graphic Novel #4: The Hunger Dogs)- Himon's daughter
  • Bernadeth (Mister Miracle #6)- leader of the Female Furies
  • Big Barda (Mister Miracle #4)- former Female Fury and wife of Scott Free/Mr. Miracle
  • Big Bear (Forever People #1)- member of the "Forever People"
  • Big Breeda (Mister Miracle vol.2 #28)- Big Barda's mother
  • Black Racer (New Gods #3)- collector of New Gods' souls, serving on behalf of the Source
  • "Black Racer 2" (Orion #14)- artificial simulacrum created by Darkseid and Metron to lure Orion into a boom tube with no exit, to trap him forever - damaged and left abandoned on Apokolips' surface (Orion #15)
  • Blight (Orion #19)- minion of Darkseid
  • Blistom & Plackk (Orion #18)- minions of Darkseid assigned to Armagetto
  • Bloody Mary (Hawk and Dove vol.2 #21)- Female Fury in training
  • Brimstone (Legends #1)- creation of Darkseid
  • Brola (New Gods #2)- minion of Darkseid
  • Bully Boy (Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis)- warrior of Apokolips and minion of Killroy
  • Buna (Superman vol.2 #104)- warrior of Apokolips
  • Captain Hathak (Jack Kirby's Fourth World #10)- former lover of Tigra - destroyed by Darkseid (Orion #2)
  • Canis Major (Orion #15)- loyal warrior of Darkseid's army - beaten by his son (in order to attain his rank) and demoted as a result
  • Canis Minor (Orion #15)- young warrior of Darkseid's army - beat his father to attain his rank, but killed by Darkseid for his initiative (Orion #15)
  • Celestia (JKFW #6)- resident of Supertown
  • Chessure (Hawk and Dove vol.2 #21)- demonic creature controlled by Malice Vundabar
  • Christine Little (JKFW #3)- Oberon's illegitimate daughter
  • Claudia Shane (New Gods #1)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • Colonel Harrendous (Superman/Aliens II #2)- officer of parademon invasion force - killed when Alien egg within him burst (Superman/Aliens II #2)
  • Commander (New Gods vol.2 #3)- leader of New Genesis forces - killed in action (New Gods vol.2 #20)
  • Commander Tusk (Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #2)- commander in Darkseid's army - destroyed after failing Darkseid (LotDCU 80-Pg Giant #2)
  • Concord & Harmon (New Gods vol.2 #11)- soldiers of Apokolips
  • Control (Orion #18)- communications officer on Apokolips
  • Cyborg-87 (New Gods vol.2 #3)- minion of Darkseid
  • the Dark (Forever People mini-series #1)
  • Darkseid (Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134)- evil master of Apokolips- father of Orion and Kalibak
  • Dave Lincoln (New Gods #1)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • Deep Six (Gole, Pyron, Jaffar, Shaligo, Slig & Trok) (New Gods #5 (Slig); New Gods #6 (the others))- minions of Darkseid
  • Desaad (Forever People #2)- Darkseid's oldest friend and loyal minion (most of the time)
  • Desdemona (New Gods vol.2 #22)- Metron's former lover
  • Devilance the Pursuer (Forever People #11)- minion of Darkseid- destroyed in battle with the Infinity Man (Forever People #11)
  • Dispatcher (New Gods vol.2 #27)- minion of Darkseid - killed by Orion (New Gods vol.2 #28)
  • Don Bergman (Forever People #2)
  • Don Bradford (New Gods #12)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • Drax (JK4W #2)- Darkseid's older brother - betrayed by his brother and later became Infinity Man
  • Dr. Bedlam (Mister Miracle #3)- member of Darkseid's Elite
  • Dr. Jinn (Superman/Aliens II #1)- Apokoliptian scientist - killed when infected by an Alien (Superman/Aliens II #1)
  • D'Vo (LotDCU #24)- Apokoliptian rabble-rouser
  • Ellis Ames (New Gods vol.2 #23)- human possessor of the anti-life equation - killed himself to prevent Darkseid from extracting the equation from him (New Gods vol.2 #23)
  • Enkar (Mister Miracle vol.3 #2)- creature which resides on New Genesis and guardian of Hadis
  • Esak (New Gods #4)- former student of Metron, disfigured in an accident and defected to Darkseid's cause - killed by Orion (DC Graphic Novel #4: The Hunger Dogs)
  • Ericht (Orion #9)- loyal theta drone of Apokolips
  • Eve Donner (New Gods #9)- human friend of Lightray
  • Fancy Goodbody (JKFW #7)- friend of Scott Free, from the 1800s - died of old age (JKFW #8)
  • Farley, Lynn and Richard Sheridan (New Gods #6)- castaways from a yacht sunk by the Deep Six - Richard killed by Jaffar; Farley lost at sea following the Deep Six's defeat by Orion and Lightray (New Gods #6)
  • Fastbak (New Gods Vol.1 #5)- young god of New Genesis
  • Fiona Leeway (Mr. Miracle vol.2 #24)- Shilo Norman's girlfriend
  • Flashy Funkman (Mister Miracle #6)- annoying "agent" of Mister Miracle - vaporized (in a humorous way) by Oberon (Mister Miracle vol.2 #27)
  • Forager (New Gods #9)- honorable bug warrior - killed while saving Earth from the Anti-Life being (Cosmic Odyssey #4)
  • Forager II (New Gods vol.2 #2)- inheritor of Forager's place in the Bug colony
  • Fyre (Forever People mini-series #3)- controller of the Dark
  • Geridath (Orion 12)- Promethean giant freed from imprisonment by Darkseid and sent to destroy Earth - foiled by Orion who, using the Anti-Life Equation, sent the behemoth into the cosmos never to be seen again...
  • Gilotina (Mister Miracle #8)- Female Fury in training
  • Glorious Godfrey (Forever People #3)- member of Darkseid's Elite- teacher in Granny's Orphanage
  • Gorgon (New Gods #12)- minion of Darkseid
  • Granny Goodness (Mister Miracle #2)- member of Darkseid's Elite- runs teaching grounds (orphanage) of Apokolips' warriors
  • Grayven (Green Lantern vol.2 #74)- alleged son of Darkseid
  • Hagdar (Super-Team Family #15)- minion of Darkseid- destroyed by Flash/Barry Allen (Super-Team Family #15)
  • Harvey Lockman (New Gods #1)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • Heggra (New Gods #7)- former ruler of Apokolips- murdered by Desaad (New Gods #7)
  • Highfather (Izaya) (New Gods #1)- leader of the New Gods of New Genesis - killed by Ares, the God of War (JKFW #8)
  • Himon (Mister Miracle #9)- mentor of Mr. Miracle- rebel-rouser on Apokolips
  • Hoogin (Mister Miracle #7)- minion of Darkseid - killed by Mister Miracle (Mister Miracle vol.3 #7)
  • Hydrik & Klepp (Mister Miracle #5)- agents of Virman Vundabar - Hydrik killed by lab explosion (Mister Miracle #5)
  • Infernius (New Gods vol.2 #16)- minion of Darkseid
  • Infinity Man (Forever People #1)- Darkseid's elder brother Drax- warrior who fights with the "Forever People"
  • Iota (New Gods vol.2 #3)- minion of Darkseid
  • Ixix (Superman/Aliens II #2)- citizen of New Genesis - killed by parademons, along with his wife Anaxia (Superman/Aliens II #2)
  • Jezebelle (New Gods #12)- warrior of New Genesis- killed by morrow block (New Gods vol.2 #1)
  • Jigundus (Superman/Aliens II #3) - noble warrior of New Genesis
  • Jingles Jericho (Orion #23)- local Intergang boss of Suicide Slum - killed in firefight with Orion (Orion #24)
  • Joatt & Saraday (Orion #2)- young lovers of New Genesis
  • Jovita (New Gods vol.2 #8)- rebel rouser of Armagetto
  • Justeen (Orion #1)- ambitious lieutenant to Desaad
  • Kalibak (New Gods #1)- Darkseid's son, jealous of his father's negligence towards him
  • Kalibre (Superman vol.2 #104)- assassin of Apokolips
  • Kalkus (JK4W #6)- engineer of Darkseid
  • Kaninsky (LotDCU #24)- veteran Hunger Dog whose reanimated head is studied by Darkseid for futher insight into the lives of the denizens of Apokolips
  • Kanto (Mister Miracle #7)- member of Darkseid's Elite & Darkseid's trusted personal assassin
  • Kanto 13 (JKFW #9)- Darkseid' former personal assassin - destroyed by his master (JKFW #13)
  • Karn & Deeben (Anarky LS #2)- two denizens of Apokolips
  • Karreev (Doomsday annual #1)- former arranged bride to Darkseid - Doomsday's arrival on her homeworld of Bylan 5 prevented the marriage from occuring
  • Killroy (Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis)- the son of Steppenwolf
  • Knockout (Superboy vol.2 #2)- Superboy's former partner, and formerly one of the Female Furies- presumably dead (Superboy vol.2 #30)
  • Krassus (JK4W #16)- soldier of Kalibak's army - killed by his leader (JK4W #16)
  • Kreetin, Auralie, Weldun & Zep (Mister Miracle #9)- students of Himon - all killed by Protector Willik (Mister Miracle #9)
  • Kyta (Apokolips: Dark Uprising)- denizen of Armagetto
  • K'zandr (New Gods vol.3 #3)- keeper of New Genesis's oracle
  • Lakutha (Orion #3)- Tigra's midwife - killed by Tigra to keep identity of Orion's true parentage secret (Orion #3)
  • Lar-El (Superman/Batman: Generations III 7)- son of Superman and Beautiful Dreamer, in an alternate Elseworlds reality
  • Lashina (Mister Miracle #6)- Female Fury
  • Ligea (Showcase '94 #1)- prisoner of the Source Wall
  • Lightray (New Gods #1)- brave warrior of New Genesis- Orion's oldest and best friend
  • Lonar (Forever People #5)- former warrior for New Genesis, now a resident of the planet
  • Lorraine Hampton (New Gods #12)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • Lucifar (New Gods #15)- minion of Darkseid
  • Lump (Mister Miracle #7)- deformed creature with tremendous mental powers- used by Darkseid to entrap enemies mentally and destroy them with its mental powers
  • Lurker (Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis)- warrior of Apokolips and minion of Killroy
  • Madame Nature (New Gods vol.2 #3)- New Genesis security chief
  • Mad Harriet (Mister Miracle #6)- Female Fury
  • Mageddon (JLA #12)- the Anti-Sun, weapon of the Old Gods, the prime annihilator, imprisoned for 15 million years in a gravity sink on the outer curve of spacetime
  • Magnar (Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 147)- warrior of New Genesis
  • Malice Vundabar (Hawk and Dove vol.2 #21)- Female Fury in training
  • Mantis (Forever People #2)- minion of Darkseid - destroyed by Orion; his soul now resides in the Unholy See (Orion #9)
  • Mark Moonrider (Forever People #1)- member of the "Forever People"
  • "Marvelous" Marno (Mister Miracle #22)- inventor on Apokolips
  • Master Mayhem (Doomsday annual #1)- minion of Steppenwolf - slaughtered by Doomsday on Bylan 5 (Doomsday annual #1)
  • Maxwell Torch (New Gods #12)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • Melissa (Orion #23)- denizen of Suicide Slum
  • Merritz (Ray Vol.2 #1)- minion of Darkseid - destroyed by Brimstone (Ray Vol.2 #1)
  • Meteorra (Orion #10)- young god of New Genesis...perhaps...
  • Metron (New Gods #1)- the wisest of the New Gods, and seeker of knowledge
  • Mister Miracle (Scott Free) (Mister Miracle #1)- son of Izaya- has given up in god-powers and now lives on Earth with his wife Barda
  • Mokkari & Simyan (Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #135)- Earth-based scientists (Apokolips born) and loyal minions of Darkseid- original bodies destroyed - recreated with new clone bodies by Dabney Donovan (issue?) - those bodies were later destroyed by Donovan's clone-virus (Superboy #74)
  • Mortalla (Secret Files & Origins: New Gods #1)- Darkseid's concubine, a woman transformed by the dark lord of Apokolips into a spitting image of his late love Suli
  • Mother Herrae (New Gods vol.3 #5)- leader of the Primitives of New Genesis and one of the original New Gods
  • Myt (Mister Miracle vol.3 #1)- minion of Darkseid - killed by Big Barda (Mister Miracle vol.3 #4)
  • Nameless One (Takion #7)
  • Necromina (New Gods vol.2 #17)- minion of Darkseid who can raise and control the dead
  • Nomak (New Gods #15)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • "Nubs" (Orion #23)- denizen of Suicide Slum - killed by Jingles Jericho (Orion #23)
  • Nurse Maggit (A.Bizarro #3)- assistant to Desaad
  • Oberon (Mister Miracle #1)- human friend and companion of Mister Miracle
  • Orion (New Gods #1)- son of Darkseid and hero of New Genesis
  • Pharzoof (Birds of Prey #12)- rogue parademon
  • Plackk & Blistom (Orion #18)- two soldiers of Darkseid, who encountered the mysterious "Green Flame" of Apokolips
  • Poet (New Gods vol.2 #15)- serial killer captured by Orion
  • Prime One (New Gods #9)- wisest of the Bugs and Forager's mentor- killed when the Bug colony was destroyed (New Gods vol.2 #5)
  • Prodigan (JKFW #13)- Promethean giant who escaped the Promethean galaxy - was later trapped on the Source Wall
  • Protector Willik (Mister Miracle #9)- Apokolips district protector- blown up by Himon (Mister Miracle #9)
  • Pythia (New Gods vol.3 #4)- keeper of Darkseid's oracle
  • Queen-Widow (New Gods #9)- queen of the Bug colony - killed when the colony was destroyed by Mantis (New Gods vol.2 #5)
  • Randall Rodman (New Gods vol.2 #25)- human possessor of the anti-life equation
  • Ravok the Ravager (Marvel & DC Present: Uncanny X-Men and New Teen Titans)- minion of Darkseid - destroyed by Darkseid's Omega Beams (Marvel & DC Present: Uncanny X-Men and New Teen Titans)
  • Reflekktor (New Gods vol.2 #13)- extension of the Dark
  • Red-One (Orion #12)- assistant to Meteorra
  • Rip Roar (Young Justice #2)- warrior of Apokolips who was imprisoned in a strange mountain on Earth for 2000 years
  • Runt (Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis)- warrior of Apokolips and minion of Killroy
  • Seagrin (New Gods #5)- warrior of New Genesis - killed by the Deep Six (New Gods #5)
  • Seera (A.Bizarro #3)- young Female Furie who abandons Granny for Earth to help her new friend Al Bizarro
  • Serifan (Forever People #1)- member of the "Forever People"
  • Shilo Norman (Mister Miracle #15)- occassional fill-in for Mister Miracle's circus acts
  • Sirius (Orion #10)- beast (possibly survivor of the era of the Old Gods) who dwells in Necropolis - sacrificed his life to save Orion from Desaad's sinergy trap (Orion #10)
  • Sister Sunlight (Jack Kirby's Fourth World #15 )- healer - sacrificed herself to help a dying child (JKFW #15)
  • S'ivaa (New Gods vol.3 #9)- destroyer of the cosmos, created between the deaths of the Old Gods and the creation of the New Gods- sucked into oblivion by Orion and Superman (New Gods vol.3 #11)
  • Skrok (Orion #7)- denizen of Armagetto
  • Sleeth (Orion #18)- dog soldier under the command of Canis Major - killed by Orion (Orion #18)
  • Sleez (Action Comics #592)- minion of Darkseid- consumed by a powerful backlash of Dubbliex's mental powers (Superman vol.2 annual #2)
  • Speed Queen (Hawk and Dove vol.2 #21)- Female Fury in training
  • Sserpa (New Gods vol.3 #5)- Primitive warrior
  • Stanga (New Gods #3)- hermit who lives on New Genesis
  • Stayne (Takion #3)- created from the Source by Darkseid to counteract Takion
  • Steel Hand (Mister Miracle #1)- criminal who killed Thaddeus Brown - brought to justice by Scott Free, in the guise of Mister Miracle
  • Steppenwolf (New Gods #7)- Darkseid's uncle (once killed by Izaya, but revived years later by his nephew) and general od Apokolips' armies
  • Sting (Mister Miracle vol.3 #7)- arachnid warrior of Apokolips
  • Stompa (Mister Miracle #6)- Female Fury
  • Sturmer (JLA #34)- Orion's war dog - lost in the void of Mageddon (JLA #39)
  • Suli (New Gods vol.2 #8/flashback)- Darkseid's first wife and Kalibak's mother - poisoned by Desaad on Heggra's behalf (New Gods vol.2 #8/flashback)
  • Takion (Takion #1)- once human Josh Saunders, now, thanks to Izaya, a conduit to the Source itself- new Highfather in the wake of Izaya's death
  • Targa (Apokolips: Dark Uprising)- rebellious denizen of Armagetto
  • Tatheta (Orion #4)- Tigra's former confidante and lady-in-waiting- killed in a fire in Armagetto (Orion #4)
  • Ted Brown (Mister Miracle #10)- son of Thaddeus Brown and friend of Scott Free and Oberon
  • Teledar (New Gods vol.2 #3)- New Genesis science officer
  • Thaddeus Brown (Mister Miracle #1)- the original Mr. Miracle- gave Scott Free his identity was he was killed by the criminal Steel Hand (the same issue)
  • Tigra (New Gods #7)- ex-wife of Darkseid and Orion's mother - died of injuries sustained by attack from Justeen's Suicide Jockeys (Orion #3)
  • Titan (New Gods #16)- minion of Darkseid
  • Topkick (Aquaman #37)- Parademon drill instructor
  • Trainees X and Z (Secret Files & Origins: New Gods #1)- former students of Granny's Orphanage - destroyed by Darkseid when trying to escape (Secret Files & Origins: New Gods #1)
  • Turmoil (Adventures of Superman #456)- giant, almost invincible robot created on Apokolips- destroyed by Superman (Action Comics #643)
  • Twilight (Supergirl #15)- superhero born on Apokolips
  • Tygar the Tearer ("Which Way Book #3, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA)- sabretooth-like gladiator in Darkseid's colosseum
  • Tyrus the Tracker (New Gods vol.2 #8)- minion of Darkseid
  • Valkyra (JKFW #7)- Vykin's mother - killed by Kalibak (JKFW #17)
  • Vayla (JK4W #1/flashback)- Izaya's second wife and Scott Free's mother - died during childbirth (JK4W #1)
  • Vek (Mister Miracle vol.3 #1)- minion of Darkseid - killed by Big Barda (Mister Miracle vol.3 #4)
  • Victor Lanza (New Gods #1)- human possessor of the anti-life equation - deceased (New Gods vol.2 #18)
  • Virman Vundabar (Mister Miracle #5)- member of Darkseid's Elite - destroyed due to his treachery by Darkseid's Omega Beams (JKFW #19)
  • Volka (Mister Miracle vol.3 #1)- minion of Darkseid - killed by Big Barda (Mister Miracle vol.3 #4)
  • Vykin (Forever People #1)- member of the "Forever People"
  • Wilson Gilmore (New Gods vol.2 #1)- human possessor of the anti-life equation - destroyed by Desaad's cellular vacuum (New Gods vol.2 #1)
  • Yuga Khan (New Gods vol.2 #17)- Darkseid's father- trapped in the Prometheus dimension

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