• Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle and Heggra's brother. During Heggra's reign, he commanded the armies of Apokolips. He was responsible for killing Avia, Highfather's wife, causing wat between their two worlds. Highfather did extract some revenge for his wife's murder by killing Steppenwolf. Little did both know that Darkseid had manipulated Steppenwolf into going on this raid so that he could remove his uncle, the only thing blocking him from taking the throne of Apokolips after Heggra's forthcoming death. Years later, Darkseid broght Steppenwolf back from the dead, and Steppenwolf now serves his nephew as a military leader.
  • Weapon of choice: Being a master swordsman, Steppenwolf takes great pleasure in using a electro-ax in battle. He also utilizes a cable-snare to lure victims into his grasp.