• A huntress, who commands a pack of augmented cyberhounds.
  • Weapon of choice: she fights through her cyberpak as well as with crossbow-like weapons.


  • The leader of the Furies, and Desaad's sister. She has a constant feud going on with Lashina, who wants to be the Furies' leader. Bernadeth was even killed by Lashina, but Darkseid brought her back and killed Lashina in return. Sicne then Lashina's been brought back, and Bernadeth keeps her under her heel.
  • Weapon of choice: the Fahren-knife, which causes the victim to burn from the inside out.


  • The toughest of the Furies. She has had an ongoing feud with Bernadeth over the true leadership of the Furies since Barda left. On one mission, to rescue Glorious Godfrey on Earth, Lashina was ambushed by Bernadeth while escaping, and was injured, contracting amnesia. She later joined the Suicide Squad as Duchess (whether or not she knew she was Lashina at this point is uncertain), a gun-toting powerhouse of a woman. Some time later she recruited several members of the Squad, and captured others, and returned to Apokolips, to confront Bernadeth adn the Furies. She managed to kill Bernadeth, giving her control of the Furies at last. But Darkseid killed Lashina for bringing unnecessary violence to Apokolips. She was later resurrected by Darkseid, and has since served under Bernadeth's command, although the friction between the two still remains.
  • Weapon of choice: Lashina is a master of steel "lashes," which has always been her primary weapon.

    Mad Harriet

  • A pyschopathic killer. Plain and simple.
  • Weapon of choice: her energy claws, which she uses to amuse herself in slashing her helpless victims with.


  • The powerhouse of the Furies.. She fights with full force, with no mercy.
  • Weapon of choice: her bulk strength and her gunboots.