• Metron is a supreme explorer, scientist and inventor. He considers him neither good nor evil, but a collector of knowledge, who works for his own selfish reasons. However, he usually allies himself with the forces of New Genesis.
  • Metron's first frey into the affairs of the New Gods' world was when he learned of the discovery of the "X-element," a starnge material which possessed teleportational properties. He bargained with its possessor Darkseid, to allow him to have the material; in turn, he would assist Darkseid develops weapons of war for Apokolips. In this way, Metron is partly responsible for the outbreak of war between the two planets of the New Gods. Whether it was guilt or his own selfish reasons, he soon allied with the forces of New Genesis; with Orion and Lightray, the chief warriors of New Genesis, and with Scott Free, whom he observed on Apokolips and helped him in his escape. He shared the technology of the "boom tube" with Highfather when Darkseid threatened to break his pact with New Genesis, and revealed secrets of Darkseid's plan to invade and conquer Earth to Orion when the pact was broken.
    "There's never been a god like Metron; there's never been an academic god. but we have him now."- "The King," 1984
  • After years of war, Metron returned to his mission of gaining knowledge from all over the universe. He used his Mobius Chair to travel through time, space and other dimensions in order to obtain more and more knowledge about the cosmos. On one journey, he encountered the Anti-Life in a sperate dimension. After confronting this spectacular sight, he was overcome with awe, which literally damaged his mind and sent him into a comatose state. He was discovered in this state by Darkseid, who teamed with Highfather and various heroes of Earth, and together they battled the Anti-Life, which had sent some of its power into the New Gods and Earth's dimensions when Metron entered its dimension. Metron awoke frm his coma after the battle was over, unaware, and most likely ignorant, of the sacrifices and losses that resulted from, basically, his doings.
  • Since Metron's voyage for knowledge will one day, he hopes, lead him to penetrate the Source itself, he does all he can to learn more about it. So when Desaad approached him recently to break Darkseid from imprisonment on the Source Wall, he agreed, in order to hopefully find out even more about that which he sought to understand. Although he probably knows as much now as he ever has about the Source of all things, he nonetheless travels the cosmos in constant search of information.