Forever People

  • The Forever People were all born on Earth, in different time periods, and were chosen by Highfather to be taken to New Genesis and brought up there. When Darkseid captured Beautiful Dreamer, the other Forever People went to Earth to rescue her; Darkseid later released her willingly. They battled minions of Darkseid, like Glorious Godfrey and Mantis, on their adventures to Earth. The Forever People have the ability to summon a being called the Infinity Man, which exchanges places with the People, sending them temporarily into "limbo" until the Infinity Man. When Darkseid realized their threat to his plans, he first blocked him in another dimension, where he temporarily lived on a planet called Adon; for some time they could not summon the Infinity Man. When they freed him, Darkseid sent Devilance the Pursuer to destroy the Infinity Man; he did, but also destroyed himself. This event stranded the Forever People on Adon for some time, during which they civilized the planet.
  • But the mysterious dark force known as the Dark destroyed what they had created on Adon. The Forever People's Mother Box, destroyed while creating this civilization called Forevertown, took the form of a spirit called Maya, and transported the Forever People to Earth, where they battled the Dark and their agent, Fyre. Maya was destroyed by the Dark, but the Infinity Man, once thought destroyed himself, returned to help the Forever People defeat the Dark.
  • Since then, they have returned to New Genesis, where they live their lives to this day.
  • The Forever People have in their possession a Super-Cycle, which carries all five of them and has the ability to fly, travel through teleportation, and intangibility.
    Beautiful Dreamer
  • Beautiful Dreamer is married to Big Bear, and together they have a child, named Maya, after the spirit of their old Mother Box.
  • Since then, apparently their marriage has been voided by the magical powers of the 'retcon'; currently, Dreamer is romantically involved with Takion, the nw Highfather of New Genesis
  • Dreamer has psionic powers, which she can create illusions with. She has also been able, like other New Gods, to sense fluctuations within the Source.

    Big Bear

  • Big Bear is married to Beautiful Dreamer, and together they have Maya, their daughter. Of course, thanks to the 'retcon,' that marriage, and their daughter Maya, never even happened.
  • Big Bear has superhuman strength and can mentally alter the density of objects.

    Mark Moonrider

  • Mark, while on Adon, fell in love with and later marries one of the natives, Mina. They had 3 children together, but when the Dark took over Adon, they were all reverted to savagery, leaving Mark with only his friends.
  • He has a "megaton touch," which allows him to shoot bolts of energy from his hands.


  • Serifan is the unruly one of the bunch. With no super-powers, he is usually the most vulnerable. The Dark saw this and possessed Serifan, unsing him to conquer Forevertown and plague the Forever People. After the Dark was defeated he returned to his normal self.
  • Serifan has no super powers, but he always carries "cosmic cartridges," which can generate a anti-gravitational force or create force fields.


  • When they were stranded on Adon, Mark Moonrider thought it would be advantageous to civilize the people of the planet. When Vykin used their Mother Box to do so, it overloaded and was destroyed, killing Vykin in the process, yet creating Forevertown. But when the Dark overtook and reversed the effects of the Mother Box, Vykin was brought back to life; his death having been reversed by the Dark.
  • Recently he was reunited with his mother, Valkyra, on New Genesis, but lost her when she sacrificed her life to save her lover Orion.
  • Vykin has magnetic powers which allow him to attract or repel to objects of either iron or steel.