• Lightray was once a boy of Supertown named Sollis. He was a lively young man who made friends with Orion, and has remained so ever since. One day, he, Orion and Metron encounterd a group of energy-enhanced soldiers from Apokolips. They blasted Sollis with enormous amounts of solar energy beams, which knocked the young man into a coma. After much hard work, Metron was able to revive Sollis. But his life was altered forever: his body absorbed the blasts he had been bombarded with. Over time heleared to master these powers, and changed his name to, appropriately, Lightray.
    "He's a very positive character and a virtuous character...he's the kind of a guy you would expect a fair deal from."- "The King," 1984
  • Over the years he has been a dependable warrior fighting for New Genesis. He was one of the first of New Genesis to go to Earth, along with Orion, and there he met Eve Donner, whom he has visited often since then and has formed a close relationship with. After the apparent death of Mister Miracle, Scott Free, both he and Orion joined the Justice League of America for a short time to honor his memory.
  • Recently, when the Source was contaminated due to the death of Darkseid within it, Lightray was deeply affected by it, and seemingly transformed into a dark verison of his former self. He led warriors of New Genesis against others of New Genesis. It took the force of Orion, who didn't want to hurt his long-time friend, to stop Lightray from destroying New Genesis and everyone on it. Highfather, having visited Arkham Asylum on Earth, constructed an asylum on New Genesis, and Lightray was sent there until the Source had been purified and his dark side was gone. He has since returned to action and is as trusted as he ever was.
  • Lightray, thanks to his powers, has the ability to fly. He can also generate and project solar energy.