Infinity Man

  • The Infinity Man was once a man named Astorr, who was a warrior of a distant planet. One day he came into the possession of a horribly burnt man, named Drax, who was the brother Darkseid. He brought Drax back to good health, but soon after he died of old age. Before his death, he passed his role as the Infinity Man to Drax, his friend and student. Drax served as the Infinity Man until he was summoned by Highfather, where he was transported to New Genesis to be the aide and protector of the Forever People.
  • He served the Forever People for many years. Whenever he was needed, the Forever People would all touch their Mother Box and recite the word "Taaru," which summoned the Infinity Man, which likewise sent them into "limbo" until he returned them to their rightful place. Darkseid was able to place the Infinity Man in another dimension, where he made his home on a planet called Adon. When the Forever People freed him from this dimension, he confronted Devilance the Pursuer, he was destroyed, therefore stranding the Forever People on Adon. Years later he was brought back through the combined efforts of the Forever People and Maya, the spirit of their destroyed Mother Box, and helped his friends defeat the Dark.
  • He possesses an anti-gravity power that enables him to fly, as well as superhuman strength and magnetic energies which allow him to project powerful force bolts and rearrange and manipluate the molecular structure of objects.