• Forager was brought up in the bug colony of New Genesis. He was sent by the Queen-Widow and Prime-One, leaders of the colony, to get help from the New Gods of Supertown to help them fend off extermination by Mantis, an agent of Darkseid. Orion and Lightray helped Forager and the bugs defeat Mantis and save the colony.
  • He stayed an ally to the gods of Supertown for years to come. But over time, an uneasy relationship formed between he and Orion, who seems to resent Forager's upbringing. When the New Gods and the rest of the known universe was threatened by Anti-Life, Forager was sent to Earth to team with Batman in defeating a rogue agent of Darkseid, now under the control of Anti-Life, from his plans of blowing up the planet. Forager, realizing the creature's mission was about to be accomplished, sacrificed his life to save Batman, Earth and the rest of the universe from being overtaken by Anti-Life.
  • Orion was ordered by Highfather to escort Forager's body to the bug colony for the funeral pyre. There, he finally put aside his resentment to Forager and his background, and acknowledged his late ally as a true hero.
  • Forager was an exceptional fighter, with the ability to run at great speed and jump at superhuman levels. He always carried a shield for protection and had adhesive pads in his boots which allowed him to stick to walls and objects.
  • Weapon of choice: an acid-pod, which he used to shoot streams of acid.