Most of the entry written by Azmodi

  • The woman known as Valkyra lives at the south pole of New Genesis in a huge citadel. There, she practices her arts of war all-day and all-night. So well-versed is she in the practices of combat that Highfather sent the young Orion to her so that she might train him to be a warrior. She did train him until adulthood, and he then became the greatest warrior in the history of New Genesis, surpassing even Valkyra herself.
  • Recently, Valkyra's citadel was destroyed by the forced separation of Apokolips and New Genesis, and she was captured by an ancient weapon buried in the planet's crust. But, Orion saved her life and managed to destroy the creature, a remnant from the war of the Old Gods.
  • In a current battle with his brother Kalibak, Orion was in danger of being killed by his step-brother. The Black Racer arrived and was prepared to take Orion's soul into the Source; but Valkyra managed to sacrifice her life to save Orion and threw herself in the Racer's place, thereby taking his place in the Source.
  • Valkyra is also Vykin's (of the Forever People) mother. She disapproves of his embracing of science and contact between them is limited.