Mister Miracle

  • Scott Free is the son of Izaya the Highfather of New Genesis, and in a pact between the warring worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, he was traded to Darkseid, the ruler of Apokolips, in exchange for his son Orion. Scott was thrown into the orphanage of Granny Goodness, who was, sadly enough, the only parent he ever really had. She put him through hell, just like all her other "children," to the point where he could stand no more. He often caused terouble and rebelled against his captors and trainers. In one rebellion, he met Big Barda, the leader of the Female Furies. He was able to escape her fury, but in fact he had impressed her, and over time she began to have feelings for him. With the help of various parties (his mentor Himon, Metron, Barda and even his father Izaya on New Genesis), he escaped Apokolips to Earth. There, he met an escape artist named Thaddeus Brown and his friend Oberon. Brown was soon killed by the criminal Steel Hand, and Scott avenged his new friend's death by taking on the identity of Thaddeus Brown's stage act and brought Steel Hand to justice. Mister Miracle was born.
    "Scott Free...told them [Darkseid and pals] 'Let me alone and let me find out who I really am' And eventually that's what we all do."- "The King," 1984
  • Eventually, Big Barda found Scott on Earth, and they were happily reunited. The two fell deeply in love, and some time later, were marries by Highfather himself. The two of them, as well as Oberon, travelled America with their act, and battled the various threats from both Earth and Apokolips as well.
  • Mr. Miracle, aiding the super-heroes of Earth, joined the newly-reformed Justice League of America. But he and Barda still lived together, finding a secluded home in Bailey, New Hampshire to retreat to. In a battle with the reborn Despero, Scott was apparently killed, causing his friends Orion and Lightray to join the Justice League in his memory. But Scott was not dead at all; he had been transported onto the spacecraft of Manga Khan, an occassional foe of the JLA who once captured him to sell to Granny Goodness. After some time, Khan returned Scott to Earth, much to the relief of his wife and friends. His days with the Justice League behind him, he left the super-hero business for a time, mving from New Hampshire to Greenwich Village, New York. Not long after, he returned to New Genesis with Barda and Highfather.
  • Since then, Scott has bounced back and forth from Earth to New Genesis and back. Although their marriage has had its rough times here and there, Scott and Barda stick together. When Barda was killed by the Furies, Scott battled the Black Racer to get her back, and he did. And when it came time for Scott to take the rank of Highfather after Izaya's death, he turned down the position and abandoned his godpowers for a more solitude life with his wife on Earth. He still performs the occassional carnival acts as Mr. Miracle: Escape Artist, and he still frequents New Genesis, but his super-hero days have taken a backseat as of late.
  • Whatever super-powers he had are gone, after he had the wizard Shazam take them away. He has always relied on technological gadgets, concealed within his costume, and his quick wits. He transports himself with aero-discs, which he obtained in his days on Apokolips. And most of all, like all the New Gods, he is always equipped with his trusty Mother Box.