Glorious Godfrey

  • Glorious Godfrey is a master mind manipulator. He was sent to Earth by Darkseid to prepare for his arrival. He acted as a preacher, proclaiming the benefits of "anit-life," which would justify the actions of man, whatever they may be. He assembled a strong group of followers, named "Justifiers," to spread unrest and rioting all over America. It took the efforts of the Forever People to defeat him.
  • Some time later, Godfrey was sent to Earth again in a campaign by Darkseid to discredit the super-heroes of Earth. Acting as "G. Gordon Godfrey," he presuaded the people of America to denounce the super-hero elite who "protected" them. Many super-heroes assembled together to stop him, and they did so by revealing his evil nature and winning back the support of the people. Godfrey attempted to defeat everyone, and foolishly attempted to wear the helmet of Dr. Fate to do so. But when he tried to use it, it backfired and sent Godfrey into a catatonic state. Soon after, the Furies were sent to Earth and retrieved him from Belle Reve Prison. He serves Darkseid today on Apokalips as a persuader and teacher in Granny Goodness' orphanage.