Virman Vundabar

  • Virman Vundabar was one of Darkseid's agents and military leaders. He grew up in Granny's orphanage, and modelled himself after the Earth-based Prussian name that Granny gave him. He was a brilliant strategist and ingenious scientist who had a love for military precision and effeciency. Like Darkseid's other agents, he has schemed to take Darkseid's place by either force or succession or...accident.
  • Recently, after Darkseid's return from the Source Wall, Virman tried to take advantage of Darkseid, who was still a bit dizzied since his break from the Source. However, Darkseid knew he was coming to assassinate him, and destroyed him with his Omega Beams, with the mindset that Virman Vundabar was to be no more.