• The ruler of Apokolips, once known as Uxas, gained his throne following the death of his mother Queen Heggra. Since his youth, he plotted to gain the throne of Apokolips by any means necessary.
  • He and his brother Drax were in competition: while he created dissent, Drax worked on peace between New Genesis and Apokolips. When Drax attempted to tap into the Omega Force from Apokolips' Infinity Pit, Uxas killed him and took the power for himself; thereby creating the image he has today, and taking on a new name: Darkseid.
  • As he grew older, he fell in love with a scientist named Suli, with whom he had a son Kalibak; she was subsequently poisoned on Heggra's behalf (she feared Suli would corrupt his son due to her peaceful views of science). Darkseid was forced to marry Tigra, against his will; when he murdered his mother, he had both Tigra and their son Orion banished on Apokolips.
  • Years later, Darkseid witnessed the death of Avia, wife of New Genesis' Highfather, Izaya. Darkseid pretended to kill Izaya, but rather kept him alive, insuring that the two worlds would wage war against one another. The war that broke out between Apokolips and New Genesis lasted for countless years.
  • "Darkseid is a majestic figure. He's dangerous because whatever his decisions are affect all of us. He loves that...he wants to make the ultimate decision, and the ultimate decision is to run the cosmos..."- "The King," 1984
  • Finally, the war was ended when both Darkseid and Izaya enchanged heirs: Highfather's son, who was named Scott Free, for Darkseid's neglected son Orion. The two worlds would be at peace as long as both heirs were kept intact in their new environments. But over time, Scott Free was able to rebel against the system he was growing up in and subsequently escaped Apokolips, much to the delight of Darkseid, who again waged war against New Genesis.
  • The war was reignited with both the escape of Scott Free, who took on the name Mister Miracle, and when Darkseid invaded Earth, the 'neutral zone', and attempted to capture several Earthlings whom he believed possessed fragments of the "Anti-Life Equation," which would allow its possessor to control the cosmos.
  • Over the years, Darkseid has attempted to gain control of the anti-life equation. When he and other Earth heroes tackled the Anti-Life Equation as a whole, he realized that the only way to control the anti-life equation was to control the Source. After his son Orion killed him within the Source, thereby tainting it, he was able to return through his son's "dark side" and continue his quest to control the Source. When Darkseid made a grand attempt and destroyed the Source Wall in order to control the Source, he was ultimately imprisoned on the Source Wall.
  • He escaped the Wall due to the help of Metron and Desaad. Upon his return, he was able to get his son Kalibak to replace him on the Source Wall and has destroyed one of his long-time agents, Virman Vundabar. It was recently foreshadowed that Darkseid is preparing to fight his final battle with his son Orion: a battle he has alluded to that he might not survive...
  • Finally abandoning his quest to conquer the Source, Darkseid finally achieved his long-time goal of cracking the Anti-Life Equation; however his grand victory was violently ripped away from him by his son Orion, who for some time had been given conflicting reports by his mother Tigra that Darkseid may not be his son after all.
  • Soon after, following the death of his estranged wife Tigra, Darkseid did indeed meet his son Orion, as the Source Wall prophisized years before, in the red lights of the fire pits of Apokolips. After a vicious battle, Darkseid was finally defeated by his son Orion (felled, in fact, by Orion's reversal of his own Omega Beams). Whether the cosmos has truly seen the last of Darkseid has yet to be seen.
  • Weapon of choice: the "Omega Beams," which can either completely destroy a living being, or "capsulize" the victim's life force for future resurrection.

    From the DC Comics Message Boards, March 2001:

    By Mikishawm

    I did a VERY quick scan of Darkseid's appearances and came up with these examples. Hope it helps!


    Darkseid conquers Olympus (1988ís ACTION COMICS # 600).

    Darkseid ignites a holy war of sorts on Earth (1989ís ACTION COMICS # 635-638).

    Darkseid tries to cross the barrier into the Source (1978ís ADVENTURE COMICS # 459-460).

    With the aid of Amazing Grace, Darkseid makes Superman his pawn (1986ís ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN # 426 and ACTION # 586).

    Using Etrigan, Darkseid tries to steal the Anti-Life Entityís power for his own (1988ís COSMIC ODYSSEY # 4).

    Darkseid demands the death of Santa Claus (1998ís DCU HOLIDAY BASH II).

    Darkseid corrupts an innocent child on New Genesis and transforms him into a killer (1993ís ECLIPSO # 10).

    Darkseid kills Heggra (seen on-panel in 1993ís ECLIPSO # 10).

    Darkseid transforms Rudy Jones into the Parasite (1987ís FIRESTORM # 58).

    Darkseid revives Brimstone for another assault on Earth (1988ís FIRESTORM # 76).

    Darkseid links the beat of his heart to the stability of Earthís sun (1976ís FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL # 13).

    Darkseid commands Mantis to unleash fear (1971ís FOREVER PEOPLE # 2).

    Darkseid exiles the Forever People to the past (1971ís FOREVER PEOPLE # 6).

    Darkseid sends Devilance in pursuit of the Forever People (1972ís FOREVER PEOPLE # 11).

    In the wake of the contracting Godwave, Darkseid attempts to steal the power of the Source for himself (1997ís GENESIS # 3-4).

    Darkseid commands Kalibak to attack Kyle Rayner (1995ís GREEN LANTERN # 61).

    Darkseidís forces decimate an army of the Green Lantern Corps (2000ís GREEN LANTERN 80-PAGE GIANT # 3).

    Uxas steals the power of the Omega Force to become Darkseid (1997ís JACK KIRBYíS FOURTH WORLD # 5).

    Darkseid gives Metron the X-Element in exchange for the New Godís promise to betray New Genesis (1998ís JACK KIRBYíS FOURTH WORLD # 14).

    Darkseid attempts to murder Himon (1998ís JKFW # 16).

    Darkseid makes a major assault on New Genesis (1995ís JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA ANNUAL # 9).

    Darkseid attempts to teleport Apokolips into the space occupied by Earth (1980ís JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA # 183-185, reaffirmed in 1989ís ACTION COMICS # 650).

    Darkseid decides to destroy Earthísďlegends,Ē creating Brimstone and the Warhounds and dispatching Glorious Godfrey to the planet (LEGENDS # 1-6).

    Darkseid instructs Simyan and Mokkari to breed ďevolutionary warriorsĒ (1998ís LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE # 14).

    Darkseid nearly destroys Earth by altering a Zeta-Beam directed at the planet (1998ís LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE 80-PAGE GIANT # 1).

    Via Granny Goodness, Darkseid arranges for the corruption of Earthwoman Alianna Hubbard, who is transformed into an assassin (1978ís MISTER MIRACLE # 25).

    Darkseid orders the execution of Scott Free (1987ís MISTER MIRACLE SPECIAL # 1).

    Darkseid invades New Genesis (1971ís NEW GODS # 7).

    Darkseid has Esak abducted (1977ís NEW GODS # 16).

    Darkseid kidnaps General Maxwell Torch in search of a portion of the Anti-Life Equation (1978ís NEW GODS # 17).

    Still seeking the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid directs a major assault on Earth (1978ís NEW GODS # 18) and begins probing six abductees from Earth (# 19).

    Darkseid arranges the abduction and death of Wilson Gilmore, who possesses a fragment of the Anti-Life Equation (1989ís NEW GODS # 1).

    Darkseid kidnaps Eve Donner with the intention of manipulating Orion into killing her (1989ís NEW GODS # 5-6).

    Darkseid personally interrogates Harvey Lockman in search of the Anti-Life Equation (1989ís NEW GODS # 12).

    Darkseid orders the abduction of Ellis Ames, who commits suicide on Apokolips (1991ís NEW GODS # 23).

    Darkseid forces himself into the heart of the Source (1995ís NEW GODS # 1-2).

    Darkseid manipulates Highfather into sacrificing himself to the Source (1996ís NEW GODS # 10-11).

    Darkseid moves Apokolips out of orbit and into New Genesis (1996ís NEW GODS # 12).

    Darkseid murders cadets X and Z on Apokolips (1998ís NEW GODS SECRET FILES # 1).

    After Superman interferes in his attempt to execute one of Granny Goodnessí female cadets, Darkseid frees the Cyborg from his imprisonment (1995ís SUPERMAN # 104).

    Darkseid sends the Deep Six and Kalibak to Earth in search of a powerful containment unit (2000ís SUPERMEN OF AMERICA # 2).

    Darkseid attempts to wreak havoc on Earth by infecting Orion with a growth plasma (1978ís SUPER-TEAM FAMILY # 15).

    Darkseid attempts to kill Kyle (Green Lantern) Rayner (1996ís TOTAL JUSTICE # 3).

    Darkseid attempts to subjugate a parallel Earth (1998ís UNLIMITED ACCESS # 3-4).

    Darkseid launches a full-scale invasion of Skartaris (1987ís WARLORD ANNUAL # 6).

    Darkseid tortures Wonder Woman (1995ís WONDER WOMAN # 102) and invades Paradise Island (WW # 103-104).

    Prior to becoming Darkseid, Uxas manipulates events on Earth that induce the Gods of Olympus to divide their power into Greek and Roman counterparts (1998ís WONDER WOMAN # 132).


    And if that's not enough, here are ALL of his appearances!

    DARKSEID (Earth-One):
    Adventure Comics # 459-460
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    DARKSEID (Earth-32):
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    DARKSEID (Earth-271):
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    DARKSEID (Earth-992):
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    DARKSEID (variants):
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