Yuga Khan
Entry written by Azmodi

  • Yuga Khan was once the ruler of Apokolips, and he sired two sons with his wife, Queen Heggra. One was Drax, who was basically peace-loving, and the other was Uxas, also a gentle soul. But Khan knew that Uxas, when he finally claimed the Omega Force, would be a powerful force. Still, he didn't think his son would try to kill him and take the throne. Yuga Khan was obsessed with becoming the most powerful being in the universe, and through this rule the universe as well. But he desired far more than physical conquest, he also wished to learn everything that could be discovered about the universe as well. So naturally, he also became obsessed with solving the mystery of the Source. He wished to know why he and the other New Gods existed. Izaya of New Genesis (who would later become Highfather) tried in vain to dissuade him from his quest. Yuga Khan eventually tried to force his way into the Source, and like all others before him, failed. He was imprisoned on the Promethian Wall and Queen Heggra assumed control of Apokolips. From his vantage point, Yuga Khan watched as Desaad killed Suli (as per Heggra's orders), and as Uxas became Darkseid. Then he saw Darkseid force Desaad into assassinating Heggra in retaliation for his wife's death. And then he looked on as Darkseid ascended to his throne to become the supreme ruler of Apokolips.
  • Eventually, through an exertion that could shake planets, he tore himself off the Wall. To replenish his depleted powers, he drained the life energies of all the living beings on the nearby planet Velos, before destroying the world itself. He then made his way to Apokolips, wreaking havoc on many worlds, draining the life-energies of millions of beings and adding them to his own. By the time he reached Apokolips, he was nearly invincible. He effortless imprisoned Darkseid and destroyed Desaad for the death of his wife. He then proclaimed himself ruler once again and made the Hunger Dogs work even harder at building weapons of war.
  • The armies of New Genesis, under the leadership of the Commander, attempted to stop him. Yuga Khan slew the Commander and then proceeded to overpower all the armies of New Genesis single-handedly. He also used his powers to block off Highfather's communication with the Source. But Yuga Khan was still obsessed with understanding the universe, even if this understanding brought about the destruction of the universe as well. He bonded himself with the wall with Highfather had used to communicate with the Source. But he had overreached himself once again. He was imprisoned as a Celestial Giant on the Source Wall for the second time. Helplessly, he watched as Darkseid took control of Apokolips once again.
  • Yuga Khan is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, him being invulnerable as well as immensely strong. He is also able to project powerful force blasts that are capable of destroying entire planets. Plus, he is able to travel in both normal space and Hyperspace at tremendous speeds with no protection. He gains these powers from the life energies of others, which he is able to drain on a planetary scale.