• Kalibak is the son of Darkseid by his first wife Suli, he longs for his father's love and approval. He has had a long-standing rivalry with his half-brother Orion, in the hopes that by killin Orion, he would ultimately gain his position as Darkseid's sole heir. But often this was not the case, as Darkseid, who often fit Orion into one of his grand schemes, would punish Kalibak for battling and trying to kill his half-brother.
  • He has often stood beside his father in defending Apokolips from threats outside and within, hoping to gain dad's respect. But recently, his attitude changed suddenly. With the imprisonment of Darkseid on the Source Wall, Kalibak was convinced he was the new lord and master of Apokolips, ready to destroy anyone who stood in his way (like Darkseid did many years before, but without the scheming and back-stabbing, just with brute force). He travelled to the Source Wall to drain the powers of the Infinity Pit from his father, then free Darkseid and kill him in combat. But he underestimated his father, and when he apparently drained his powers, he freed his father...who still had all his powers intact. Darkseid punished his son with a blast of Omega Beams and transported him to an prison deep within Apokolips.
  • Some time later he broke free, and continued toiling and plotting on Apokolips. When his father was destroyed in prophisized battle against Orion, Kalibak was used by Desaad as a device of revenge against; in exchange he was given a belt with greatly enhanced his powers. Despite these powers, however, he was felled in battle against Orion, and was again imprisoned.
  • Weapon of choice: his Beta-Club, which contains the ability of fire force blasts and a "nerve beam," which can make its target feel agonizing pain. He also has enormous strength and brute force.