Amazing Grace

  • Amazing Grace lives among the lowlies of Apokolips. An loyal agent of Darkseid, she pretends to preach opposition ot Darkseid's word and encourages them to revolt. When they do, they are easily defeated, thereby crushing their revolt and their spirits. When Superman infilitrated Apokolips, trying to prove he was behind G. Gordon Godfrey's reign of terror on Earth, Grace was "captured" by Darkseid's troops and was to be thrown into the firepits; all to lure Superman out. He saved her, but he himself fell into the firepits. He survived, but with no memory or powers. Grace, on the behalf of Darkseid, seduced him, and convinced the man of steel that he was Darkseid's son. Superman was given his powers back when he allied with Darkseid, and he battled Orion, during which his memory came back. Grace still serves Darkseid among the denizens of Apokolips today.
  • Like her brother Glorious Godfrey, Grace is a master in mind manipulation, who uses those powers to subtly influence others.