Highfather (Izaya)
  • Once the mighty warrior king of New Genesis, Izaya's like was flipped upside down when his wife Avia was murdered by Steppenwolf of Apokalips in an attempt ion his life. Darkseid approached Izaya afterwards, and humiliated the king by keeping him alive and presenting the image to his troops that he was in fact dead. Izaya wandered the lands of New Genesis for some time, until he was suddenly approached by a symbol of the Source, which transformed his walking stick into a golden staff, raising his to godhood as the Highfather of New Genesis. Highfather returned to his kingdom and led his New Gods against the evil forces of Darkseid and Apokolips.
  • After years of war, the two worlds struck a peace accord, which involved the exchange of the two heirs of these worlds. While Izaya's son, Scott Free, was given to Darkseid, Darkseid in turn gave his son Orion to Highfather.
  • However, in this trade, Highfather would prove to be the winner; while his true son would live amongst the denizens of Apokolips and learn to rebel against the system, he would tame Orion's brutal being and persuade him to serve New Genesis. Both these machinations proved to be successful: Scott Free escaped Apokolips to eventually reunite with Highfather and New Genesis, and Orion became a loyal follower and step-son, to Highfather, battling Darkseid and his agents for years to come.
    "Highfather represents the people we hope are out there. Guys, maybe, with common sense in high places"- "The King." 1984
  • Recently, upon learning of Darkseid's plans to destroy the Source Wall and control the Source itself, he gathered other elder gods, including Zeus, Jove, Odin and Ares together to fight Darkseid. However, this plan quickly fell apart, as Ares rebelled against the other gods, and in the end killed Highfather.
  • While Ares was later imprisoned on the new Source Wall (he later still escaped and has resumed his role of god of war on Earth), Highfather remained deceased...until very recently. After Izaya's death, Takion assumed the role of Highfather (after Scott Free turned down the offer); this role would prove to be challenging for the young god. He asked for some sort of help from Highfather, who was now one with the Source, and he got it: Highfather briefly returned to resurrect Supertown, the New Genesis home of the New Gods, to its former glory, giving the forces of New Genesis a new hope in the come battles against Darkseid and his armies.
  • Weapon of choice: his golden staff, which can summon power from the Source. It's not really used for offensive purposes, though.