• Himon is a brilliant scientist who lives on Apokalips.
    "Himon is a survivor in a very, very hard world. He inspires people."- "The King," 1984
    He discovered the "X-element," which possesses teleportational powers. He is the sole voice of good on a planet of pure evil. He was the mentor of Scott Free, and with his help (lots of people helped Scott Free) he helped him escape Apokalips. Though thought dead at the hands of Darkseid and his troops for some time, he was in fact alive; even Darkseid realizes that Himon's good is necessary on Apokalips. He has a daughter, Bekka, who was a lover of Orion for some time. He and his daughter briefly escaped Apokalips to live on New Genesis, but for reasons unknown, he has returned to Apokalips to continue his studies and research.