The "Junior" Female Furies
Bloody Mary

  • A vampiric woman who can manipulate people with eyebeams.


  • A dark grinning beast, under the control of lil' Malice Vundabar.


  • A brutal young girl, Gilotina served Granny Goodness closely. But when she met the Newsboy Legion, her feelings about Granny changed. With their help, she broke free of her control and now lives on Earth. Some time later, however, she left her position at the Cadmus Project and, as Genesis showed, has managed to realign herself with her Fury allies again.

    Malice Vundabar

  • A young girl who controls Chessure.

    Speed Queen

  • A fighter who uses "zip-gloves" and rollerblades to move her at superhuman speeds.