Big Barda

  • Big Barda was trained in the orphanage of Granny Goodness, and was taught by Granny herself. She was the leader of the Female Fury Battalion. During one rebellion raid, she met a feisty young man named Scott Free. She realized he was unlike any man she had ever met, and soon discovered something that she had never known of: she was in love. When Scott Free sought to escape Apokolips to Earth, Barda, knowing full well she would risk her career and life, helped Scott escape. Some time later, as her affections for Scott grew, she turned her back on the only home she ever knew and went to Earth in search of Scott Free. She found him as an escape artist, under the guise of Mister Miracle. She and Scott fell even deeper in love, and not long after were married by Scott's estranged father, Highfather.
  • Barda stayed on Earth with Scott and his friend Oberon, and together they toured across America with his act. They eventually decided to settle down in the small town of Bailey, New Hampshire, where she put aside her warrior ways (most of the time) to become a loyal wife. After various disasters from both the town and Apokolips, they abandoned the town life and moved to Greenwich Village, New York. Since then, she's bounced back and forth from Earth to New Genesis. During a battle with the Furies, she was killed; but Scott battled the Black Racer himself and risked all he had to save his wife, proving that her love for him was quite appreciated.
  • Recently was appointed to join the JLA by the new Highfather, Takion. But she still stays loyal to both her duties as warrior and as a loving wife and companion to her husband Scott.
  • Weapon of choice: a Mega-rod, just like Granny's, which draws power from her own strong will. She is also a very strong woman, with superhuman strength.