Granny Goodness

  • Granny Goodness is the headmistress of Darkseid's orphanage, where she molds the orphans of Armagetto into mindless soldiers of Apokalips' armies. She considers the orphans her children, putting them through what she calls "tough love," which is nothing more than physical and mental torture.
  • Among Granny's greatest successes are the Female Furies, who represent her best students. Although they've failed Grannty in the past, she, as well as Darkseid, considers them to be valuable tools due to their total obedience to her.
  • Her two greatest failures come in the form of Scott Free/Mr. Miracle, one of her prize pupils-to-be, and Big Barda, the ex-leader of the Furies. Scott rebelled against her and the system until he managed to escape Apokolips, while Barda, who fell in love with Scott, left her service to Granny and went with him. Granny has considered these two to be personal problems, and has tried to punish them for years, but has never been able to get it done.
  • She was once, *once* corrupted by Scott Free, who almost made Granny see the error in her ways. But Darkseid intervened to stop this. Since then, Granny has been kept very busy with her orphanage, under Darkseid's very careful watch, in the extreme case that Scott Free's plan may have worked. Over time, she has continued to ber her normal old self.
  • Weapon of choice: Granny often uses a Mega-rod to keep her unruly children under control.