The son of Darkseid and Tigra, Orion, along with his mother, were banished upon his birth to the depths of Apokolips, where Orion was soon trained to be a killer by Granny Goodness. In the peace agreement between New Genesis and Apokolips, he was traded to New Genesis, where he
"Orion's masking of his true face with the handsome one symbolizes any individual's attempt to conceal his evil desires and drives"- Peter W. Dodds Jr., 1984
at first did not fit in at all. But soon, under the guidance of Highfather, Orion's brutal and unruly self was calmed, and over time, a more mature and almost philosophical warrior emerged. When he learned that Darkseid was his true father (a happening that Darkseid hoped would return Orion to his side), it only strengthened Orion's hatred toward Darkseid and his determination to destroy him.

  • Although no longer under Darkseid's control, Orion has nonetheless inherited his father's savagery, and in thew heat of battle that dark side has come to light (from the various agents of Apokolips that Orion has viciously destroyed over the years to the events on Thanagar in Cosmic Odyssey, when Orionm murdered hundreds and thousands of Thanagarians to provide a distraction for his and Superman's mission there to stop the Anti-Life force threatening the planet.)
  • When Darkseid has threatened Earth, Orion has always been at the head of New Genesis' forces to stop him. He travelled there to protect various humans who were captured by Darkseid for his search for the anti-life equation, and on two seperate occassions,. he has been a member of the Justice League of America (the first, with Lightray, after the "death" of Scott Free, and the second, with Big Barda, after being appointed by Takion to join them in order to prepare for the coming of Mageddon.)
  • In the recent past, Orion has been deeply affected by the evil of his father Darkseid. The first came when after he and Darkseid had entered the Source, Orion killed him there. Over time, the death of Darkseid greatly affected all of the New Gods, as his death in the Source had tainted it, causing New Gods to kill their fellow New Gods on New Genesis. Not onyl that, but Orion's demeanor became more and more brutal, until the truth arose: Darkseid has somehow become part of his son, and he soon split from his son (quite literally) to become his own self once again. Not longer after this, Orion was seemingly killed by Desaad on Earth; however, Orion, on his way to becoming one with the Source, managed to take Desaad with him. Soon after, Highfather was able to extract Orion from the Source; but again, this Orion seemed more evil and savage than before. Upon confronting the Female Furies, who were trying to invade New Genesis, their leader Bernadeth seemed to almost recognize Orion as someone else. After both Highfather and Darkseid realized something was wrong, Highfather, along with Takion, was able to vanquish the evil spirit within Orion: it turned out that Desaad has been fused with Orion since they entered the Source together.
  • Orion remains a valiant warrior, and now seems determined to end his father's madness once and for all. He finally did so in the fire pits of Apokolips. Despite the claims by his mother Tigra that Darkseid may not actually be Orion's father, he set out to one day fulfill the prophesy the Source Wall gave him years before. Following her death at the hands of a crew of Darkseid's Suicide Jockeys, Orion swore revenge, which he got when, after a brutal battle before the populations of both New Genesis and Apokolips, he deflected Darkseid's Omega Beams, which reduced his father to a pile of ash.
  • The King is dead. Long live the King.
  • Weapon of choice: his brute strength and his astro-glider, which allows him to fly through space and use the "astro-force" as a weapon.