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Past Updates

Updated: November 26, 1999
Not too much of an update today; got lots to do over this weekend. Some new links have been added, though.
Updated: November 22, 1999
Special "Date of my birth" update
Nothing much; just wanted to brag about today being my birthday...number 23 it is!
February New Gods-related releases are below, and some other stuff on the News and Tidbits page.
Updated: November 19, 1999
Part 2 of the New Gods history by Lou Mougin is underway...
Also, check out Legends of the DC Universe #24, by Jaime Delano and Steve Pugh. Entitled "The Jump," it's a two-parter about the life and times of a deceased Hunger Dog pursuing a foe he can't (or maybe...won't?) catch. Buy ten copies...for yourself, blind relatives, pets...just buy it!! :P Updated: November 12, 1999
It's been a busy week at work, so I kept it simple: the Appearances, Terminology and Character pages have been updated.
Updated: November 5, 1999
Welcome to the "We be f*cked" look of the least until Mageddon is handily dealt with...I hope...
The issue summary of Takion #7 is now up...sorry if anyone was ticked that it wasn't up; I didn't have time to get it done before last week's update...I'll hopefully be getting started on some more issue summaries soon...!
Also, the history of the New Gods page has been updated with the completion of the first of Lou Mougin's two articles from Amazing Heroes (in the early 80's).
Updated: October 29, 1999
Issue summaries for Takion are up.
Next week, I hope to have some stuff from this week's JLA, about Mageddon.
Updated: October 22, 1999
January comics featuring New Gods are listed below.
I've also posted an incomplete page (incomplete 'cause I'm still working on it, but it'll be complete soon): a transcript of an article about the history of the New Gods, from Amazing Heroes in the early '80s: go here
Updated: October 15, 1999
Nothing this Friday...I ain't feeling well. If you didn't come by on Monday, check out the special update I did.
Updated: October 11, 1999
Special Columbus Day update:
The New Gods FAQ has been updated!
Also new pictures added to the Image Gallery, and a small update of the Appearances page!
Updated: October 8, 1999
Not much this week...the Appearances page has been updated. And the New Gods FAQ wil be updated soon too.
Updated: October 1, 1999
True story: This past weekend, I got an email from some guy named Walt Simonson. He asked me if I wanted to see a preview of the new Orion series, to be released in April 2000. I figured, "Sure, what the hey." Two days ago (9/29/99) I got it in the mail, and read the entire thing...
I'll let you know later on... :P
In the meantime, check out issue summaries for (books you've already read...) New Gods series 4 (that series where Darkseid died...yeah, *that* one...). Issues #1-11 are up; the Byrne stuff...will come next week...
Updated: September 24, 1999
The Superman: The Dark Side Elseworlds miniseries has been added to the Issue Summaries page (under the New Gods specials link.)
Previews of comics featuring New Gods characters (besides JLA...obviously) for the month of December is down below.
Updated: September 16, 1999
The Issue Summaries page has been majorly updated, with the addition of summaries of Jack Kirby's Fourth World and a seperate page of some misc. New Gods books. I'm currently beginning to work on New Gods vol.4 (where Byrne first appeared to torment the New Gods...) ;P
Also, several updates to the Terminology, Appearance and Comics pages...!
Updated: September 10, 1999
Sorry, but nothing this week. The first of the issue summaries (of Jack Kirby's Fourth World) *will* be up next Friday though...
Updated: September 3, 1999
The Fourth World Chronology, originally featured on Mario Di Giacomo's Source page, is back up.
I'm also working on issue summaries of New Gods comics. Soon, links to Mario's Jimmy Olsen summaries, as well as New Gods #1, and summaries of John Byr...I mean Jack Kirby's Fourth World (whew!) series will be up for all to see! Yay!
Updated: August 27, 1999
The November DC comics previews, which feature, in one way or another, the New Gods, is now listed below.
Plus the Who's Who page has been updated, as well as some new appearances on the you-know-what page. ;)
Updated: August 20, 1999
Small update this week: some more images added to the Gallery.
Updated: August 13, 1999
The Appearances page continues to be updated and cleaned up. The "New Gods and the JLA" page is gone, and is now a part of the aforementioned Appearances page. Plus a few new images have been added to the Image Gallery.
And I'm still working on the update to the New Gods FAQ: see below for info on how to contribute!
Updated: August 6, 1999
A big update to the image gallery, with pics of many of the "minor" players of Jack Kirby's Fourth World.
I have a new email address for the site. Any questions, comments and info contributions to the site can be sent there!
I'm also working on a detailed appearance list for each major (and recurring) New Gods character. Hopefully it'll be done soon... :)
Updated: July 30, 1999
Jack Kirby's prelude to the Hunger Dogs, "Even Gods May Die," has been added to the Comics page.
Some new appearances have been added as well.
And the second wave of questions for the New Gods FAQ have hit the 'Net: if you'd like to help contribute to the FAQ, e-mail me with your responses!
So what the hell is the Astro Force anyway?
Where are New Genesis and Apokalips, the planets of the New Gods?
What is the "Godwave?"
What's with that burning hand that writes messages to the Gods of New Genesis?
Why doesn't Metron ever seem to do anything?
Who are the Earth-allies of the New Gods, both good and bad?
Are any of the New God based on real-life people?
Why do so many fans seem to ignore much of what Kirby did?
Why so many guest appearances? Don't the New Gods have their own book?
What was with Kirby's dialogue for the New Gods?
What's this about similarities between the New Gods and Star Wars?
Updated: July 23, 1999
A new page for New Gods news and other miscellaneous info has been added.
As you can see, I've redone the table of contents for the website. Yay!
Updated: July 16, 1999
Some minor additions to the DC and JLA appearances again (including a JLA logo...neato!), and 2 new characters, as seen in A.Bizarro #3.
Updated: July 9, 1999
The DC and JLA appearances have been updated.
A new page featuring a listing of DC's Who's Who entries for the New Gods is now available. Updated: July 2, 1999
Several new comic cover images have been added to the Image Gallery.
And also make sure (if you haven't already) to check out the New Gods FAQ! I'm planning on working on an update (already!), and will have news soon on how to contribute!
Updated: June 25, 1999
At last! The New Gods FAQ is here!!
Many other updates as well:

  • a preview of New Gods-related books for the month of September is below,
  • a new page of online New Gods and Jack Kirby articles has been added,
  • the New Gods and the JLA page has been updated,
  • some new appearances added on the Appearance page. Updated: June 13, 1999
    The classic Kirby covers of New Gods, Forever People, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen and Mister Miracle have been added to the Image Gallery!
    And the long-awaited New Gods FAQ is near completion, and should be up...soon!
    Updated: May 30, 1999
    I've done some major updates on the Appearances page, specifically with Suicide Squad and Superboy: the appearances of Knockout and Duchess (Lashina's Suicide Squad persona) are now accurate and complete! Updated: May 24, 1999
    A few lil' updates to the Appearances page!
    Updated: May 11, 1999
    Big update to the New Gods image gallery!! Check it out!
    Updated: April 23, 1999
    As you've probably noticed by now, the New Gods Library is at a new address. The move was moreorless unanticipated; I decided and actually moved everything in a matter of a few days. I hope you all enjoy it. It's a little more work, but hey, it's worth it.
    The Appearances page has been updated, with many thanks to Robert-Michael Huber.
    Updated: April 2, 1999
    New profiles for Yuga Khan, the Lump, Valkyria and S'ivaa are up on the biography pages.
    And new pictures are up at the image gallery!
    Updated: March 26, 1999
    Coming soon: profiles of Yuga Khan, the Lump, Valkyra, the Commander, and S'ivaa, as well as extended profiles on the Deep Six, Glorious Godfrey and Amazing Grace (thanks to Azmodi!)
    Also added: the Star Gate and Tygar the Tearer (thanks to Baba Dada for those two; I'll have more on the Star Gate as soon as I can dig out those Suicide Squad issues of mine!)
    Updated: March 15, 1999
    An image gallery has been added, collecting all the images on this site and some new ones!!
    Updated: March 5, 1999
    A new Orion of the New Gods Preview Page has been added: go right now!
    Also, some appearances and characters added to their pages.
    Updated: February 27, 1999
    Several new appearances and characters have been added to their respective pages.
    I'm also working on a new page to feature the upcoming 'Orion of the New Gods' series by Walt Simonson!

    Updated: February 15, 1999
    A new look!