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New Gods Interviews
Walt Simonson, October 1998 (conducted by Mario Di Giacomo)
Walt Simonson, December 1999 (conducted by CBEM's Tim O'Shea)
Walt Simonson, October 2001 (an interview I co-hosted at, and reprinted courtesy of,
Walt Simonson, late 2002 (conducted by Mario Di Giacomo)

John Byrne, November 2001 - talks about Jack Kirby's Fourth World, as well as a little She-Hulk, Generations and Arcade!

Mark Evanier, November 2001 - talks about his New Gods series and some guy named Jack Kirby...

And maybe coming soon:

  • Steve Gerber
  • Steve Rude
  • Erik Larsen
  • and others...!

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