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New Gods links and online articles


Sadly, there aren't very many New Gods sites on the Internet (like there are for those third-raters like Superman, Batman and the LSH. But here's a very good selection of New Gods and Jack Kirby sites.

  • Ben Herman's Demons and Dreamers: A Fourth World Gallery
  • New Gods: the continuation, by Gregg Allinson - I'm currently looking for this page's whereabouts
  • The Jack Kirby Collector Page
  • Bob Heer's Kirby Site, home of the Jack Kirby Checklist & the Jack Kirby FAQ
  • Matt Gore's Kirby Page
  • A Jack Kirby Biography, by Jamie Coville
  • Life, the Universe and Everything. . . a la KIRBY", by "Cheeks the Toy Wonder" - I'm currently looking for this page's whereabouts
  • Dave Van Domelen's Time Trapper Theory
  • "You'll All Be Sorry!": The Courtship of Orion's Father, by Gail Simone

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