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Final update (for now): Saturday, November 17, 2001

Say goodbye to this page...
Coming November 22nd, 2001: a new look for the New Gods Library!

See you then!!

IntroductionNew Gods News and Tibdits
Appearances of the New GodsIndividual appearances of the New Gods
Inhabitants of the Fourth World
Names of the New Gods!New Gods Comics
Image GalleryIssue Summaries
Orion Preview PageGuest Stars of the DCU
Terminology and TechnologyThe Fourth World Chronology,
with a new title appearance chronology by Douglas Ethington
History of the New Gods Part 1, by Lou Mougin, Feb. 1983History of the New Gods Part 2, by Lou Mougin, Mar. 1983
The ultra-freakin'-big-major-league event that happens in Orion #5Kingdom Come's New Gods
Darkseid vs. Fred HembeckMageddon!
Uncle Walt's ORION Cover GalleryNew Gods Links
BibliographyThe New Gods FAQ
Apokalips, Danzig (Satan's Child), 790KB.
The Night Before Christmas: New Gods Style - Sure to be a Christmas classic, passed on to children for generations to come...

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In stores October 3!!!:
Orion #19

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"For it is written that if a god does not sometimes observe his world through the eyes of the lice that crawl around his feet...he may one day find them dancing on his head." - Darkseid, Legends of the DC Universe #24, transcribed by Jaime Delano

"I look on existance and I see chaos. I abhor chaos. I would have order. Ordering the chaos requires a single mind. A single will. Mine." - Darkseid, Martian Manhunter #19, transcribed by John Ostrander

"The father of Apokalips shall meet his banished son in the red light of the fire pits."
- Jack "The King" Kirby, New Gods #1

So it is written.
So it shall be.

- transcribed by Walt Simonson in Orion #5

Just to be safe:
The New Gods Library is not copyrighted or owned by anybody (in that "I paid money for it" way). Everything here is based on the creations and property of DC Comics, to whom I bow before in homage in thanks for creating and publishing any New Gods stuff (especially since there's an ongoing series right now! Yay!)
No one has to pay to see this site; it's all free.
The New Gods are the property of DC Comics.
Created by
Jack Kirby.