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The Fourth World Chronology
[Courtesy of the John Byrne Fan Site]

19,000,000,000 years ago - The Source creates (and is created by) the Universe (1st World)

18,000,000,000 years ago - The GodWorld forms out of native elements

17,000,000,000 years ago - Life appears on the GodWorld

15,000,000,000 years ago - Humanoid life attains "godhood"on the GodWorld (2nd World)

5,000,000,000 years ago - Ragnarok - The Old Gods die. GodWave generated - Star Sol ignites

4,800,000,000 years ago - Apokolips and New Genesis begin to form from GodWorld remnants

4,500,000.000 years ago - Planet Earth begins to form from dust and gases around Sol

4,300,000,000 years ago - Life appears on Apokolips and New Genesis

4,000,000,000 years ago - Life appears on Earth

40,000 years ago - GodWave passes over Earth

35,000 years ago - First Terrestrial Gods appear (Beginning of 3rd World)

30,000 years ago - Denzens of Apokolips and New Genesis attain "Godhood" (4th World)

25,000 years ago - Birth of Izaya on New Genesis, birth of Dax on Apokolips

24,000 years ago - Birth of Uxas on Apokolips

15,000 years ago - Uxas visits Earth; begins schism in neophyte Greeco/Roman gods

14,000 years ago - First known appearance of Metron

1,350 years ago - Uxas forced into marraige with Tigra

1,300 years ago - Uxas becomes Darkseid, places Tigra in Hyperfreeze, Dax becomes Infinity Man

1,200 years ago - Darkseid meets and secretly marries sorceress Suli. Kalibak born.

1,000 years ago - Avia murdered by Steppenwolf. War begins. Rebounding GodWave passes Earth for second time. Demigods appear.

350 years ago - Suli murdered. Heggra murdered. Darkseid becomes ruler of Apokolips

310 years ago - Tigra released from Hyperfreeze -- Orion born on Apokolips

305 years ago - Wounded Izaya crashes on unnamed planet, meets and marries Layla

301 years ago - Izaya returns to war, Scott Free born, Layla dies

300 years ago - Izaya becomes Highfather -- The Pact

250 years ago - Big Barda born on Apokolips

200 years ago - Scott Free escapes to Earth

7 years ago - Superman encounters the Forever People

6 Years ago - Barda comes to Earth.

The Real-Life Fourth World Chronology
[Courtesy of...well, me]

1971 - Jack Kirby takes over Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen with #134, and ends his first issue with a cameo of "Darkseid": the Fourth World is born

- The Fourth World titles all begin: The New Gods, The Forever People, and Mister Miracle

1972 - New Gods and The Forever People cancelled; Mister Miracle continues

1974 - Mister Miracle ends when Kirby leaves

1975 - The New Gods is relaunched as Return of the New Gods, keeping the same numbering system; cancelled later that year

1977 - Mister Miracle relaunched, but is cancelled later that year

1984 - The New Gods reprinted in Baxter-format; that last ieeus features a prelude for The Hunger Dogs, a graphic novel released after that reprint series ends, which is Kirby's final Fourth World work

1986 - In the Legends DC crossover, Darkseid spreads discontent all over Earth against superheroes; a new JLA is formed as his plans are defeated

1987 - On the heels of Legends, Mr. Miracle joins the new JLA, with sidekick Oberon in tow; gives the New Gods some mainstream attention, as later missions involve other Fourth World characters

1988 - Cosmic Odyssey teams Darkseid and various New Gods with Superman, Batman, Starfire and other DCU heroes; on the heels of this miniseries, New Gods vol.2 launches

- The Forever People return with their own miniseries. and Mr. Miracle vol.2 starts up as well

1991 - Both New Gods vol.2 and Mr. Miracle vol.2 end with #28 each

1995 - New Gods vol.3 launches, along with Mr. Miracle vol.3 and Takion

1996 - When John Byrne takes over New Gods vol.3 with #12, Takion and Mr. Miracle vol.3 are cancelled, as well as New Gods vol.3 (with #15), so that the entire Fourth World can be consolidated into one book

1997 - Jack Kirby's Fourth World launchs, uniting Orion, Mr. Miracle, Takion and others

- Darkseid tries to take control of the Source, which is the basis of DC's Genesis crossover

1998 - Orion and Big Barda join the JLA

- Jack Kirby's Fourth World ends with #20, with John Byrne's departure from DC; a new series, Orion of the New Gods, by Walt Simonson, is announced some months later

2000 - Orion #1 by Walt Simonson released.

- in the battle prophesized by Jack Kirby, Darkseid is slain in battle by his son Orion.